Facebook & Blocs 2019/2020

Hi Community,

I have found some answers or more precisely workarounds anno 2017 (f.e. Preview picture for Facebook) and thought maybe some of you know a proper and slicker way to solve the following:

Building a portfolio or product page for a client where the subpages represent a project/product is easy in Blocs, but to add the posted (preview) or main picture of the subpage is not native for Blocs. Am I mistaken?

When posting the subpage link into facebook, Blocs doesn’t generate automatically a preview picture, right?

Has any of you a easy way to do that or is the way from 2017/18 as the link above and other posts here from that time valid and the only way?

Maybe this is also a suggestion for @Norm and other devs to develop such a bric and sell it on the bloc store? I bet there is some audience for that ;).

Looking forward to your answers. Thank you.

If I understand you correctly I think you need to generate FaceBook OpenGraph data and then place it in the add code section of the relevant page inside the header. This code can and should be different for each page with a relevant url etc. Any images should be uploaded to the server separately via FTP and linked in the code.

I believe @Malachiman mentioned something about creating a bric to make this process easier.

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OpenGraph is what you are after. And I am in the middle of making a bric that will inject it into the header.

But you can do it yourself rather easily. By adding code to your page header.



You could try using this page, I have used it to share blogs or news for different social networks, it is totally free and has no account limit, you just have to paste the same link for any page and it generates the views and share. Try it, it may work for you


Good resource you share @nelo


This forum is like a Bible!! Love it!


Eeexactly. I thought so. The oldskool way with opengraph. I used Adobe Muse got some years and there were two Plugins made for that at one point. So I was hoping for a bric by Blocs … Great to hear my hopes are heard :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply.

I read: you = bric = soon :wink:

I am looking very forward to that. I def will buy it! Let me know if you released it.

Thank you for your reply :+1:t2:

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Thank you. Good insider! I will check that out this weekend.

Didn’t thought about that one in combination with blocs :ok_hand:t2:

Sweet. It’s mostly working. I’m using it for a project. I hope to finish it next week actually.