Favicon code in the header

I know we have the favicon option in the site settings, which is just a single file that can either be a small png or a .ico file, however this does not cover the full range of options out there like the apple-touch-icon, short cut icon etc.

There is a website that allows you to generate header code and then upload the various file types and sizes to your server.

Having never tried this before, I am wondering how this might conflict with the favicon settings in Blocs, since there seems to be no way of turning this off inside site settings. Has anybody tried this and know how it works?

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There are a few threads on this. I use Fav icon generators with no issues.

Just curious why there is no favicon for the blocs app site.

Can’t follow you.

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There is a fav icon on the blocs app site.

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I haven’t been able to test this across many devices but from what I can tell it is working and seems to override the favicon settings in Blocs. This is evident, because I still see the Blocs favicon in site settings but see the correct favicon in the browser and also when saved on an Android phone.

Blocs is still exporting the favicon.png file though and it all seems a bit untidy. If you are dealing with certain clients they will want to see their branding looking good everywhere across multiple device types.

I have an app called Icon Slate that I purchased years ago, though only ever used it with the .ico settings that are from Windows, yet also read on the Mac. It also has options for icns, iconset and numerous other options for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and the rest.

I have just tried Icon Slate with various other options and it seems to work very well, producing better quality than the favicon website on the image I tested, however it would potentially leave you with an awful lot of hand coding in the header matching all those options.

@Flashman I just created one for a new site I’m working on and I can confirm it’s showing the Blocs Favicon. I’ve never had a problem so I think it might have something to do with blocs? @Norm

I ran the test on favicon generator and it showed it was working on all browsers?

I’m using the current version of Blocs.


Someone needs to re-write or explain how this works. It is really confusing.

I should be a piece of cake using favicon generator. I’m not sure why it’s showing the Blocs fav icon?


Cache issue?

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