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Hi Forum fans.

I just wanted to share the process I use to add site Favicon logos not only site wide, but to mobile “add to home screen” and share options along with a concise title.
If you look at my site here (or the Blocs forum) and tap ‘Share- add to home screen’, pin tab, save to favourites, etc. you will not see a page snapshot but my chosen logo and title.

I did this without charge through Favicon Generator.

I’m not sure if there is a better or easier way, but if I can do it …!

Keep the forum lively fellow Blocs fans.


Hello I use: https://www.favicon-generator.org/.

Then you get all sizes, create a template with Affinity Designer or Photo in the largest size (192x192 or bigger).
Disadvantage must always be copied manually into the head area before upload. (Unless you could build it directly into blocs …


Hi @Piet
Sounds similar. The one I use generates a package of icons in a folder I add to the host public_html folder, then copy-paste the code to my first page.
I then use that page as the template site wide.
2 roads to 1 destination!

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This was the way to go at one time. I used to use this system a lot. However, given that screen resolutions etc are becoming fairly consistent across the board these days, it isn’t strictly necessary to have all these different sizes. I tend to use an SVG for my site favicon which keeps it crisp and clear at any size that a device may use to display the icon. Using the standard Blocs favicon still allows devices and browsers to use the icon when saving to home screens or favourites lists.

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I think that a 123.ico is requested from the browsers. (Is also exported this way by blocs). Isn’t ico a pixel format? But if I could use an svg favicon that would make my work a lot easier

Googled for instructions. It would be a hybrid of pix and svg.


I haven’t tested it yet.

It would be useful if it could be exported directly from blocs.

Looks good, however I can’t seem to find your ‘share - add to Home Screen’ bit anywhere. What should I be doing?

Hi. Out at the mo, but on sn iOS device it’s under the square with an up arrow at the bottom of the screen.

Ooo… yes please.

Yes, you’re correct. I was doing that before, but the option wasn’t there, but now it is. iPhone playing silly buggers again.

Another one:

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Welcome @Anon
It does seem to be an unverified download, and the site is dated 2018!

Hi, don’t know anything about the unverified download issue. He is a trusted 3rd party developer for another web development app.

thanks for sharing!

@apswoodwork It “should” be OK in theory. The site owner is a long established Rapidweaver developer and I purchased some of his stacks years ago. I actually downloaded and installed this at one point. It worked, however the files seemed to be substantially larger than the equivalent ones produced by Icon Slate and after a year I realised it wasn’t seeing any use so I deleted it.

Thanks. I decided to pass on this anyway.