Favicon Problem. Don’t understand …

Hi … could please someone check for me my page on a iPad and on a iPhone …

When you check the Favicon (when Open more tabs ) I see a really old Favicon. And a different on mobile …how that works ? Don’t upload this kind of Favicon with my new page :thinking: cache is deleted
This is what I see

Thanks for your help


This is what I see on a iPhone 12 mini.


Da gibt es wohl auch noch „alte" favicons/logos von z.B. Instagram, die reingezogen werden

thank for check this …
This is the correct favicon. Dont know why I see an old one…

hi @piet
danke. wo siehst du das ? Im html code ?!

Delete the browser cache.

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Hi …
like I wrote above … cache is deleted. More than once :joy::joy:

If the favicon is displayed on other devices or browsers correctly, and not in the one you’re using currently, it is a client problem.

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I do wonder if this is a sync issue with iCloud and safari ? It is not the first time it has come up.

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Not sure … on this page I made - in mobile I still See the blocs favicon. Not on desktop :see_no_evil:

Just thinking - if this is a new website on a new host etc - could this be a propagation thing?

Did you ever searched for additional information?

hey @InStacks
no, good idea …I try this. But I have a new Mac book - two weeks old. And I upload the page earlier … but why not - I give it a try.
thanks a lot

so … I have delete it. But the problem is, I forget the important thing that the favicon problems on mobile devices. I see a different favicon on my Mac. The screenshot in the first post are a iPad. On the Mac I see the correct favicon. In google search the old one ( I think this need time to update) But why I see on mobile different favicons, I dont know. And there I dont find a section to delete the favicon cache. On my website I see two different old favicons. But @MDS see the correct one. But its okay when people are see the correct one and I see an old one :slight_smile: Oh man - wired :slight_smile:


To delete the cache on iOS simply go to Sertings then Safari and click on Clear history and website data.


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Or deep deletion: refresh the browser with the option button pressed. (unfortunately only mac)

I have had good experience with svg favs.

Hi @mds
I know that. But I mean the special Favicon cache ( post by @InStacks )
Thanks for you help

Use favicon versioning :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been going nuts on similar issues like you mention - it’s due to the fact that caches can happen in your browser, in the phone, in the cdn or and in the server, and since favicon rarely change it’s often set to expire after a year or more.

When using favicon versioning this problem doesn’t happen.

Check https://realfavicongenerator.net/ and after creating the favicon choose to use versioning
Then upload those to the root of your site and the issue should disappear

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Hi @smileBeda
thanks - I give it a try :blush:

Hi @smileBeda
do you mean that option ? What I have to type in there ?:thinking: