Favicon Problem

I do a lot of pages with blocs app. Never have a problem with favicon. But know I have no favicon in google search … and some strong things happened …

Use anyone the search bric? Could anyone one try for me something ? BUT NOT IN A REAL PROJEKT. Only a test site or something …

My Steps:

  1. I do a simple site
  2. Ad a favicon
  3. Add Search Bric in the footer

After Export I have a Favicon in the browser ( not google search )
So I think there is something with the search bric. I delete the bric …
After Export I found no favicon the folder?!
I put the search bric back and export new, and know my favicon is in the folder back …

Can any one do the same steps ? What I doing wrong… I want to use the search bric, want have a favicon but also a favicon on google search. Like I said, never problems bevor. Only thing is new, was the search bric …

Thanks a lot !!


I think Google are messing with favicons in the search results. Lately I noticed they were blending paid placements with other sites so it was less clear what was paid. If you save a site as a bookmark does the favicon appear normally?

I’ve never used the search bric, so I cannot comment on the rest.

thanks for your help … no, there is no favicon when I bookmark the site

I would contact the bric developer. Not sure who created that one.

it is the site search bric by cazoobi … so I think @norm can help ? :thinking:
thanks again

Why do you think Google Search includes the small favicon in the search results?

Hi @InStacks
When you search on google on a Pc or a iPad or a phone I see in the search results a little favicon? You don’t see that ? Or isn’t this a favicon ? And I have to set another Icon for google search ? Screenshot search for blocsapp

Yes, you are correct. According to this documentation it is the favicon. I didn’t know that before :slight_smile:


I think it’s only a very recent thing?

OK this is curious, I just added a custom favicon to a website on a project that is almost finished and on export there is no favicon exported now. This is with 3.4.3b5 and in a project completed recently on 3.4.2 it worked as expected.

If I check the web inspector there is a red error message saying the favicon was not loaded. I have used a .ico format that was a problem at one time but that was fixed. @Norm I think there is a problem here.

I do again a short test. I added a custom Favicon, and export the page. In the export folder there is the favicon.

After that I added the search bric in the footer, do an export …then I have no favicon in the export folder… I think this is something for @Norm