Favicon size and format

According to the Blocs documentation it’s recommended to use a PNG file 16x16 pixels for best results when creating a favicon, but I have an app called Icon Slate that creates favicons in a range of formats and sizes for different devices. I gather there are various free online alternatives. At https://realfavicongenerator.net they suggest best results come from a file that is 260x260 pixels or more.

Icon Slate will let you select formats for Windows, Apple and Android in different resolutions, then output a single large file, but serve the correct version for each user device. Does anybody know if a favicon in Blocs has to be PNG as suggested in the documentation or can we add alternative formats and sizes in the project settings?

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I used gif and also jpeg - png might be recommended but any of these formats work fine.

OK that’s curious, I thought they had to be .ico for maximum compatibility, which is Windows based, though Apple uses .icns. As a feature request for @Norm how about a Web Clip option inside the project settings?

Never had any problems using a graphic format.