Feature requests - Fullpage background image / background image options


Hi there,

a big thing will be a setting for full page background image and css options like - cover.

Another thing whats missing is the option when you choose “Repeat” to select horizontal/vertical/both directions.

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I agree and would also like to add my vote to this for the wish list!


Yes, very important feature!


Select the bloc, add background and choose Fullsceen.

That block will always be the height of the viewport.


It’s very possible and even easier using Bloc 3 as you can set columsn just about anyway you want. I just added a bloc and set the background. You can then just build your site in the one bloc using colums, and even give it a parallax effect. I put this together in just a few minutes. Its not configured for anything but desktop. Just a example of what you can do.