File / Folder Duplicates after exporting

I recently had to update my company’s website, so I went through my usual process. However, after exporting to a new folder, I seem to be getting a ton of extraneous and duplicate folders/files.
Here’s a screenshot of the most recent attempt. Notice how I have my core folders [terms, products, contact, services, etc.] but then I’m getting “-1” or “-1-1” and even “-2” duplicates. Why is this happening and how do I make it stop?!

Here’s my current export settings. I don’t recall specifically setting any of them, so if this is the issue, I have no issue adjusting as necessary. (And I really don’t know what “minify” is even referring to…)
Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 11.37.09 AM

Check project attachments in project settings looks like you might have accidentally dropped a folder on there.

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I suspect you are exporting to a folder in iCloud. If you empty the destination folder before exporting it should be OK. This is a longstanding problem.

BTW It makes sense to disable cache bust for the final upload once you are happy with the changes.

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And please try and name new Topics in a way, so that other users that might have the same problem have a chance to find it when searching. I did that for ya :wink:

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Hello My Friend, I had similar problems so I would select to replace the entire website when I exported, doing this deleted the entire content of the previously exported website and gave me a fresh set of files to upload.

Note: FTP programs can be tricky.

Transmit will lose the project directory and move up one folder in the hierarchy, so if you don’t watch it and click sync you could possibly start uploading everything that folder.

Forklift. No problems, Forklift will happily stay locked into the right directory even if it is deleted and re generated.

Other FTP’s. Maybe FileZilla is good as well.

Would you believe I use one called Cyberduck? :smile: It’s fine and doesn’t seem to be the root issue to my problem. I’ll call it perfectly functional.

I want to clarify one thing regarding the adjusted title - these duplicate folders are being created upon EXPORT of the project from the Blocs program. They are not being duplicated on a subsequent file upload to the website.

Adjusted. Again :grin:

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