File library for collegues and customers

Hi friends! Instead of using wetransfer or other file upload-sites, I would like to make a page on my site where they easily can download files from my work. I have 100GB space from my web host (Binero) and I already use their file upload service. But the page looks like it was created in the 90-ies unfortunatly.

I don’t know if you can see this at all if you don’t have the password:

Some times I need to send files larger than 2 GB and I also want people get the opportunity to be at my site while they are down loading the material we are working with together.
Is there a way to make a page like this in Blocs? And use the space from my web host to store the files?

All the best,


I use FTP and put the file(s) on a client directory on my web host. Then I send the client a link to the file. No web page involved.

Alternatively you may wish to use something like wetransfer, fileshare, etc.

No point in re-creating the wheel.

If you wish you can create a page of links using blocs, pointing to the file directory and content, but that would take maintenance effort.