Find & Replace, does it work?

I tried to use “Find and Replace” to replace/remove repeated words/phrases along the website but most of the times “Find And replace” finds nothing even if exactly the searched words/phrases are searched for. Hm, anyone know what I do wrong, or is this function to be used for something else?

When I used this function, and “happened” to find some matches and deleted that text, a few pages got all destroyed, adding/changing to strange CSS-formats, making different parts of the pages like ghost towns. So I deleted this confused/messed up project and started again with a well working project file and did NOT use “Find & Replace”. I instead have to go for finding all the things I want to remove/replace manually, page after page, which of course can be very time consuming.

I have never used it, but looks like it is case sensitive, which is weird. :man_shrugging: Or maybe I am using it wrong :laughing: @Norm ?

With upper cases

Without an upper case O

As soon as you use a <tag> inside a paragraph it will only recognize this.

I’ll take a look and see what is up with that.