Find-Replace Text in a Blocs Project

Is there a way to find and replace text within a Blocs project? For example, let’s say I’d misspelled a word throughout the website. How would I fix that in my Blocs project?


Nope, but hopefully it will be added soon :smiley:

Reviving this from the dead. I have a site with 100+ pages, which need several things global search/find and replaced/updated.

Is there any way to do this within Blocs?
This is a non-WP site and would take hours to do manually…

Anyone? Is there really no way to do this? I will have to manually update literally hundreds of links by hand (embedded IDs need to be changed) if not… ‘this is a problem’ would be an understatement :frowning:

I saw the bric for find/replace but that’s seemingly a runtime rewrite. I need to update the actual generated-from-blocs source…

I can’t think of a way to do this in Blocs, but you can do it in bulk after the export using a find and Replace on all files in the a folder. IDE (text editors) such as sublime text allow this.

You would first export the project then open as a project in sublime and do a nice find and replace on an entire folder structure.

Hope this helps.

This was possible back in the day with Freeway I believe but that was long before custom classes and responsive breakpoints, so there may well be reasons why this would be more complicated to implement in Blocs. It would certainly be a useful feature if it could be included without breaking things.

If this was simply a case of updating certain links across the site you might be better off setting up 301 redirects on the server and leaving the project alone.

At base value it seems like being a ‘native’ Mac app there would be opportunity to do so. Unless there is some hindering abstraction between the design view and the core native app that prevents this. It must not be an easy implementation or not a pressing priority. Maybe Norm can chime in with the details.

Yeah, have thought about doing just this, but I occasionally go and make minor updates to some of the pages - which would then go back to the ‘wrong’ text as the source/master is effectively NOT/not right - which is not a great patter to follow. I may go write a sed or shell script to do this for the time being, but this is another pain point.

Something like using relative paths in links is easy enough (e.g. if pointing to your own site, don’t embed domain in case you later change it), but there are other cases, and they can’t all be handled via web server side aliases etc. A server-side redirect won’t work here, as the links in question go off-site beyond my control…

Really could use some attention paid to both file organization/hierarchy and adding basic expected editor/project type functionality in Blocs…at least for my use.

@Norm This seems like a basic editor function. Will this be implemented at some point?
Do you have a recommendation on how to update literally hundreds of links within Blocs?