Finding my website from Google

Hello fellow lockdowners,

Hope you’re all okay, living your own personal Groundhog Days! (Get up, stay in, sleep. And repeat.)

I’m finally happy with my personal website… grateful thanks to all who have steered me in the right direction - particularly for the advice on the ‘dropdown’ visibility toggling, which has proven vital to my design vision!

Now comes the next step…

The only search text, by which I would like or need to be found, is my name - Ian Poulson.

Currently, if I put that into Google my first appearance is at position 13, which is on page 2.

Or if I search on Images, I come in at number 6.

So, my question is, how can I improve my listing position by only using Blocs?

How - and where - should I put the text Ian Poulson for Google to find it?

For example, In Page Settings SEO, should I put Ian_Poulson or “Ian Poulson” or “Ian_Poulson” ? (Is an underscore and/or quotes linking the words important?)

Would it help for bloc and bric IDs to incorporate my name in some form… i.e. ID = Ian_Poulson frontpage ?

For image names likewise… Ian_Poulson home.jpg for example? To get my name repeated as many times as I can.

And finally, is there any mileage in using my name in “Alt” text?

It’s only a ‘hobby’ website so it’s not mission critical, but if I can make it more visible - without leaving Blocs, ideally - that would be great.


My website

That’s your sitemap:

Enter this in google webmaster tools. See a description here (forget the RW mention):

Then you at least tell google to index your website.

Okay, thanks for that!

So are you also implying that there’s no need to add my favoured search term - my name - in the website components?

At first you need to tell google that your website exists. If you don’t have any back links, google will never get to know you.

For this, the google webmaster tools and search console is helpful, because with this you can register your website for indexing by google.

That’s the first step. All SEO improvements like you described should come afterwards.

Submitted to Google successfully, thanks!

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Hi @Ian,

If you haven’t already, check out my free video series I have done on SEO for my Blocs Master students.


So much to this but you should be able to rank this fairly easy. Make sure you have a H1 tag with that name in it, an H2 tag with the name in it, the name inside your content, a few times also have they keyword in your title tag and meta description. Once onpage is done get a few web 2.0 links to the site to build some trust and you should be good

Hi, thanks, not sure what you mean by H1 and H2? Do you mean the H1 - H6 ‘presets’ in the Bric Library? If so, I don’t use them, I prefer using Paragraphs with Custom Classes. Rightly or wrongly…?

And, I’m still unsure about whether underscores and/or single or double quotes and/or hyphens are needed to keep the two-word search criteria together? As per when searching for blue sky or blue_sky or “blue-sky”, all of which give different results.

(I’ve a friend called Adam who’s all over the web - his second name is a commonly-used adjective, he’s almost impossible to find without using quote marks like “Adam Short” (not his real surname!)).

I’m plowing through Google’s advice on SEO… but not every question gets an answer!