First Project available: DESIGNed

I am super pleased to (finally) get my first Blocs project out the door: DESIGNed.

Blocs is not my usual tool, but I’m very pleased with how this one turned out. It started out, much like Skyline; as a test to learn Blocs, or in the case of Skyline, to learn UIkit3 for Rapidweaver.

Once I’d got the basics of Blocs under my belt I set about pushing things a bit using custom CSS and the in-built Blocs Custom CSS feature. I hope this results in a site that looks fresh and different from the norm.

Disclaimer: You might find the odd display issue in DESIGNed. I can’t see anything, but you might. It’s not intentional (obviously); as this was my first outing with Blocs I might have missed things. I have priced the project accordingly.

Demo here.

Buy it here.

It’s presently got a launch special price on it of €14. This will go back to the full price of €22 at some point in the near future.



Are you planning to do any more in the near future Steve?

Yes. If this one proves popular, then absolutely yes.


Really nice @SteveB !


Well done Steve! I love the fresh design.