Fix Class Editor Dialog

The Class Editor technically is not broken, but I strongly dislike the existing functionality tied to the arrow pointer; namely, when I have that dialog open and then bump my mouse such that the arrow pointer is no longer hovering inside that dialog, the dialog suddenly becomes deselected and anything I may be typing at the time suddenly appears in the Classes field of the right sidebar! I’ve only been a full time Blocs user a short while, but I cannot count the dozens upon dozens of times this has happened to me. It’s bothersome beyond belief! And non of my other MacOS apps behave this way. Is it even a part of the MacOS GUI guidelines?

All said, when I have the Class Editor open, it must not matter if my mouse arrow pointer is inside the dialog or not, that dialog should not be deselected! If I want to type inside the right sidebar with the dialog open, I will click inside the right sidebar! I don’t want this automatic jumping around. It drives me crazy!



This is a behavior that really gets on my nerves.

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