Fix the height of carousel

Hi everyone, short of going through 25 or so images and resizing them, is there any way to fix the height of a carousel so it stops moving up and down with the different image heights as the different images display?

Take a look at this post

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That’s perfect, thanks. At least for desktops and large sizes, do you know of any other way to restrict for phones and smaller devices, as whatever height set will •probably• be wrong for the other devices?

Thanks for that though, it’s a great start for me.

I think you should drop a line to @Malachiman - he’s one of our coding experts

I may do that, however, I’ve gone through and cropped the pictures and at the moment, I think they’re working for all breakpoints.

Nothing beats having the images all cropped to the same ratio. Because then making it responsive is just having the height adjust to the width.

My method in that other post works fine if the images are not excessively tall. But for it to work you have to fix the height.

One thing you can do is add some math to the css height so it’s always a ratio of the width, which would make it responsive.

P.S, not sure about “coding expert” :rofl:

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