Fixed parallax problem in safari


It seems that many people have run into the problem of parallax not working in Safari after we did a blocs update. I had that problem, too. I found the problem and you can go into the code with a code editor and manually fix it.

  1. In the style.css, there are “@media” elements. You’d notice several them have .b-parallax{background-attachment:scroll;}
  2. change the word “scroll” to “fixed” Example: .b-parallax{background-attachment:fixed;
  3. That’s it!

@norm - please fix this bug so I don’t have to manually change this every time!


Hi Iporterjolie,

I’m new to Bloc and I’m not a programmer. Could you, please explain step by step how to “go into the code with a code editor” to fix the parallax?

Before updating to v 2.6.4, it worked perfectly in preview mode on Safari. Now, when on full screen, it looks fine, but when I try to resize, the parallax just doesn’t work.

I’m on macOS Mojave v10.14

Here’s a screenshot

I’d appreciate very much if you could give me some advice.



I also have this problem with parallax not working when previewed in Safari and Chrome - only Firefox. It works fine in version 2.5.1 build 3 and before but not in 2.5.3 build 3 or recent updates. I am uncertain how to use a code editor in order to fix this.