Fixed parallax problem in safari

It seems that many people have run into the problem of parallax not working in Safari after we did a blocs update. I had that problem, too. I found the problem and you can go into the code with a code editor and manually fix it.

  1. In the style.css, there are “@media” elements. You’d notice several them have .b-parallax{background-attachment:scroll;}
  2. change the word “scroll” to “fixed” Example: .b-parallax{background-attachment:fixed;
  3. That’s it!

@norm - please fix this bug so I don’t have to manually change this every time!


Hi Iporterjolie,

I’m new to Bloc and I’m not a programmer. Could you, please explain step by step how to “go into the code with a code editor” to fix the parallax?

Before updating to v 2.6.4, it worked perfectly in preview mode on Safari. Now, when on full screen, it looks fine, but when I try to resize, the parallax just doesn’t work.

I’m on macOS Mojave v10.14

Here’s a screenshot

I’d appreciate very much if you could give me some advice.


I also have this problem with parallax not working when previewed in Safari and Chrome - only Firefox. It works fine in version 2.5.1 build 3 and before but not in 2.5.3 build 3 or recent updates. I am uncertain how to use a code editor in order to fix this.

Ohhh this is exactly what is happening with me! blocs preview, Safari and Chrome doesn’t work for me only Firefox!

get an app like coda and open the file then change the scroll to fixed!