Fleet manager per member

Hello there. I’m looking for pointers here. I run a website for a gaming organization in Star Citizen. I want to create a fleet manager. Every member should have an account and be able create a list of his/her spaceships (assets) by selecting via a dropdown menu and save the result.

Other members/visitors should be able to view the fleet-pages from any member.

This may sound stupid but I want to know what route is the best before I start. CMS? Portal? Forum?

I have some mySQL experience and my hoster supports a lot of software packages. Thank you in advance!

You would definitely need to use a CMS.

You could extend the User plugin in OctoberCMS to achieve this rather easily (well it would be a bit of work).

But I am obviously leaning towards what I am familiar with, others might have some more suggestions.

Thinking about the much bigger picture would be to consider what else you will be needing, before committing to any solution.

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Thank you and you are very right. I used to run Perl and PHP forums and always overthought before I plunged into something. My only regret was Mambo/Joomla because it rained security patches. That i why I’m very careful with plug-ins. October-CMS is btw a package my hoster offers, +1. :slight_smile:

I came from Joomla to OctoberCMS, so glad I did. Totally out of touch with the Joomla world these days though.

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