Much awaited FlexBox @Norm :slight_smile: Hehe

Reference: http://bulma.io/

Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6 was just released and significantly, now uses Flexbox as the default. Also announced was the fact that B4 is moving to beta for the next release and that nothing significant is expected to change. Both of these things are really significant for web design.

I assume this is all some way off for Blocs but good news anyway.

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I heard the alpha version of Bootstrap 4 was already very stable, so hopefully the path to inclusion in Blocs will not be too far away.

I have read that pre alpha 6 was described as stable and usable but alpha 6 has fixed many issues and completed many things that needed more work according to the Bootstrap guys. It’s called alpha for a good reason I.m sure. Foundation6 was released as final v6.0 but was pretty buggy with many things unfinished and is not at v6.3. I think Bootstrap are taking a more careful approach to the release.

Blocs will 100% support BS4, however, I’m not sure if That will be Blocs version 2.


Great news and wouldn’t expect it in v2 and would be happy to pay for an upgrade to v3.