Flexy-Foot2 and Parallax

Using flexy foot (set to reveal) and parallax together messes up the whole page.
Open a new project (I used the Eventus template) just implement Flexy Foot and see for yourself what happens.

Nothing I would not expect to happen…:thinking:

Small Potato Ltd2024-06-03 at 11.24.25

It just requires a small tweak in the class manager to make it work. It’s a matter of just setting the z-index on the .bloc class. (I used 0 but you can use 1… etc)

By the way, don’t forget with Reveal any elements above it need a background. Two of the blocs in this theme have no background set. So set a white bg for #countdown and #tickets blocs

Doing this, it works fine for me

For most designs, Flexy sorts everything, but occasionally some more complex designs will require a tweak, its usually z-index.


This sounds like a very good strategy :laughing:
I’ll give it a try and report.

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As you know Parallax is fiddly at times :smile:

z-index is relational, so that also gets fiddly :laughing:

You can say that again.
But I still love it.
Still testing with older projects.

Yeah Parallax is nice to add a different flow to a website. I do hope we get an update on Parallax with options of directions of movement and speeds etc - fingers crossed!

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