Flipping / replacing / swapping blocs

I’m trying to find a way of flipping or replacing a bloc in a Structure Group 3 Blocs set-up.

So when a button is clicked, the bloc it is in is replaced by another, like flipping over a playing card. Animated or not.

Any ideas chaps? Thanks!

You mean something like this? Blocs, brics and .... premade html widgets

Well heck, that looks like it, if I read that correctly there’s a Blocs store opening this week?

Can’t see anything in Announcements.

That a few others coming next week. It’s worth having a look at the Twitter feed.


Ah, I don’t Tweet or Bookgram or Instaface - I figure life’s too short already.

But thanks for the heads-up!

You can just click on the link to view the updates regarding the store.

Yep, I managed that! Looking forward to seeing what’s on offer, with a non-linear website I need some options.

I try to avoid the fleecebook, interweb and snapdumpty as well.