Floating labels


how can i use floating labels in forms?
@Norm Are there any plans to include this function in one of the upcoming releases?

I think some of us would like this :wink:



+1 from me

I looked at the link but I do not understand what is a floating label.

Type in something in the fields :wink:

I did insert text, but still don´t get it.
the site pops up again with empty fields
You have the option to make a field required in blocs.

What means floating lables, for you?

:hushed: I’m a little bit confused … for me it works perfectly


when the cursor is i the field the label is minimized

It’s going to depend on what browser is being used. The link is to a Bootstrap 4 example under


Examples that focus on future-friendly features or techniques.

It uses a newer CSS selector:placeholder-shown That’s not fully supported yet.
Some more info on :placeholder-shown

No plans but I like these. I just added them to my roadmap list.