Folder on Server wpimages and wpscripts

Hi, a Client has trouble to find him on google. But he want no new page. Only change the old one. On the server I found two folders ( wpimages and wpscripts ). Has that to do with WP or something ? Any ideas for me?

Just a suggestion. I would put WordPress related questions in the WordPress section. I will do that for you.

Hi Tom, those are not WordPress folders. Sounds like something that was added manually.
The only folders your WordPress has by default are:

  • wp-admin
  • wp-includes
  • wp-content

Did the site get added to Google via the webmaster tools?
Is there a .htaccess or robots.txt present (which might block crawlers) ?

Hi @brechtryckaert
Thanks for your help. I have to check these thing. But now I know that this wasn’t any word press stuff :slight_smile: thank you

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