Follow links bric > Youtube user

I really dig the “Follow Links” bric, except I have a small problem; I want the Youtube link to link to a Youtube channel instead of a user… how can I change that? (If it is possible at all…)

hi @Mattheus i just came up with the problem yesterday myself.

ist NOT possible at the moment

its wrong PRE formatted in the bric, so @Norm has to make an update. The youtube button is predefined with this

so if you want a channel to be there, and you fill in the link you get this

and that is not working :slight_smile:

@norm it would be much better, if we can put there the complete copied link from the share button from youtube (in my opinion)

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is there any update for this url problem for the youtube channel using the brics?

I am having this complication with your brics, I am manually changing the url of … to / … and it solves the problem, but I have to do it every time I export the code, and Is it very tedious to have to do it over and over again, or open some way to adjust the code directly in blocsapp? this would save a lot of time

Yay …Have the same problem! Really hot bric that would often be used if it works :wink: