Font Manager Blank v3.4.10--SOLVED

Hi - Font Manager is Blank. v3.4.10.

After updating to v3.5, parts of my site broke, and so I’m trying to change back to v.3.4.10, and when doing so and opening an old file built on v3.4.10, Font Manager opens in v3.4.10, but Font Manager is empty…thoughts?

Regarding the parts of your site that broke, it’s worth noting Jquery changed in Blocs v3.5 so the path in new exports will point to a newer version.

If you only uploaded parts of the site to your server and not the entire export, parts may appear to break.

Chances are The newer version of jquery is missing in the JS folder on the server.

Thanks Norm for responding!!

I had uploaded an entire new export for v3.5.

Attached are screen-captures for each breakpoint to show what broke on v3.5. (taken using blocs ‘preview in browser’).

The live site is now reverted to v3.4.10, and works as desired:

It’s the standard ‘4 icon w/ labels’ bloc, which I customized, and which appears as desired on the large breakpoint, but then breaks down as you move to smaller breakpoints with v3.5.

From large to small:

Oh I see that might be a bootstrap thing as that framework changed too to newer version.

I’ll check it out.

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let me know if I can help further