Font problem

Hello, I delivered my site to the customer except that there is a font problem. I don’t have the same font when the customer sees it on his computer. He has 'another font. The fonts were local…

The real font in pink

The bad font in pink

I have had this happen once when wrapping a section of text by using span to apply a colour.

What I did was if you just changed the colour of the font in the span class, then also in that class re-apply the same font you are using on the main text so it matches. I am sure for piece of mind I also re-applied the font sizes across breakpoints too!

Good luck

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Thanks for your feedback and I’ll check out this analysis as soon as I get home because what you’re describing is totally that case. What’s strange is that since I updated, nothing works properly, even the display. I didn’t have this problem before the update.

I have a same problem with link or title, the font doesn’t work. It’s crazy

I’ve been mastering CSS for years. If there was an important problem, it would show on the App Blocks tool. The problem is mostly in export and it depends on the browsers on top of that. There’s something blowing up the font and I have to turn in the client project tonight :cry: I had no problems with fonts, bricks or blocks before the update :frowning:

Thanks @Jerry

Fonts almost always fail with blocsapp, but upload it locally to your project, this should solve the problem. Since I have had that problem often, it is always solved by uploading it locally, I don’t like that way but it solves it

Are you referring to Google fonts not working correctly?

Sorry I didn’t see your answer. My fonts are local. But the displays are strange since the update all fonts are defined in bold regular etc and when I set my project at font level and I use it on pages there is a double bold with a value 700 applied on it. I can’t return this project to the customer in this state.

Local font only

The title and the subtitle are very dreadful on display. It’s not correct font

When I set all the parameters for my project, whether it’s the font size or the h1, h2, etc, it’s preset but when I see this kind of title with a double bold when the original font is a bold why does it add a fontweight of 700 behind it? it drives me mad. I’ve been looking for days and trying again, but to no avail.

Do you have a live link to take a look at ?

700 is a bold weight. Blocs currently applies weight using the font-weight css rule, rather than relying on the user having the bold font weight installed. Obviously there are cases when you may have a bold font assigned and its not required. Right now there is no way to identify reliably so the weight css rule is also set as a precaution to ensure the best chances of a bold weight being applied.

so it looks like double bold applied to a bold font. In the settings project, only one font family can be applied, not font-weight. That’s what I don’t understand. If you could set the font-weight in project settings, I wouldn’t have minded setting it here, but how was I going to solve the problem? Namely that the font is local. I’ve installed a local font via google font but it doesn’t appear in the font management.

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If you head over to the Class Manager, you should be able to adjust the font weight class rule.

I’ll take a look and see if there is a way to improve this.

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I’ve done something different and there’s a problem on blocks with font management. when you import the font via google font on blocks to install it locally by clicking on the icon, it does the job, but what’s not normal is when you delete the font and want to reinstall it, it’s no longer visible on google font on blocks to download it. You have to download it locally on your computer.
another point, if you choose arimo bold and you choose weight 700, that adds bold to a bold typeface.

The test that I did, and I’ve done several, is that I downloaded each font style that I assigned as a style on the project management to define all the h1, h2, etc then on the class management, I go to each class h1, h2 etc and class composed as . text h1 to put everything in “normal” weight when using a specific style such as arimo bold, or arimo italic, arima black, etc. If you don’t do this, it adds style on top of style and the original font style is no longer respected.

It’s not right to manage fonts in this way, but it’s the only solution so far. I hope you’ll find a solution to this and that after your fix I won’t have to go back and update my client file when I need to make changes :smiley:

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