Fontastic - create your own icon fonts


Hi Pixelpushers,

I just found this site and I think it’s pretty cool, so I thought i’d share it:

Here’s what it does:

  1. you search and select the icons you want
  2. assign keyboard letters to the various icons you chose, for example, I assigned the letter “e” to my email icon.
  3. publish. You can then download all the font files, which you can add to Blocs in the app preferences. Now you can use this just like a regular font in Blocs: change size, color etc. So if I want my e-mail icon, I just type “e” and select the font from my list of installed web fonts.

I just tried it out and I made an icon font with 10 icons in a few minutes time. Very cool :slight_smile:

It’s free for private use. For commercial use there’s a fee but IMO it’s a fair price.

They also offer a cloud/CDN publish, but for DSGVO reasons that wasn’t an option for me. Also adding the font in Blocs Font Manager gives you the ability to style your icons much easier.

Hang loose and stay frosty :wink:

**UPDATE: The pay version only applies when choosing the hosted cloud/cdn option. Downloading and installing the fonts on your own system is free for commercial use also!