Fontawesome icons - licensing in Blocs

I have a question: Fontawesome has many more icons than those listed in Blocs. Has Blocs “licensed” Fontawesome icons for use in Blocs? Fontawesome offers free and pro versions. If I download and install the free version there are about 2000 icons. But in blocs there’s only a few hundred.

So are the icons available in Blocs kind of a “curated” selection?

I think it’s just a case of Norm needing to update the version of Font Awesome inside Blocs, which is now quite out of date. It’s been mentioned a few times and on the to do list. It would only be the free versions included by default and you would have to licence the pro version yourself if required.

You can actually use the current version of Font Awesome already in Blocs by downloading them from the site and adding them as svg files like images. It’s not as convenient, but it works.

THX Flashman. I’m already adding them using code in a html Bric

@Flashman How do you add the SVG fonts. I realize you’re busy so I appreciate you taking the time when you can to get back to answer.

I’ve tried adding the latest font awesome versions as web fonts directly inside Blocs, but it doesn’t really work. If you download the free font awesome icons you should find a folder in there that contains SVG files. Those can then be added as project assets. I actually found it a bit too much adding them all, because they’d be present constantly but you can just add them one by one when needed.


Thank you my friend, you made it pretty clear.
Any idea why we cannot copy all and paste? Just curious.

It’s just that there are 1500 icons in there. I wouldn’t want to wade through all that every time I wanted to select an image or file in the asset manager. It will be easier when Norm updates the icon manager.

Okay now that makes sense. LOL

Wouldn’t the limiting of icons be an attempt to keep the file size down? No matter if I use 1 FontAwesome icon or 100, the “fontawesome-webfont” file sizes in the exported “fonts” folder are all the same.

Obviously, it would be best to have all the free fonts that are available, and when it’s time to export, it would be great if the FontAwesome files would export only the fonts used to keep the file sizes super tiny.