For v 2.4.0

Hi, full of bugs, nevertheless an usable app.

  • copy and paste blocks and bricks
  • in drop mode full page, quick shutting after element was picked, or shortcuts
  • css js code editor
  • render and preview css from external file in blocs
  • code editor for the blocks and/or selected element !
  • Possibility save my own blocks or bricks template for reusability,
  • indicate also the current ‘column’ in navigational hierarchy

I think, blocsApp isn’t the right tool for a professional user like you. You should try Pinegrow 3, coming May/June.

Do you mean 2.4?

You can duplicate, command+D. If you duplicate a Bloc you can also select which page you want it duplicated too.

Use arrows keys to navigate and then Hit Esc to close the library.

I think @Horman is right, Blocs is not a tool that is focused on prof web devs specifically.

yes in the same page, but not to the other page.

Right click a Bloc and then select Duplicate, you can then duplicate a Bloc to another page. Drag what you want out of it and then delete it if you don’t want the entire Bloc.

ok, I got it. Thanks!

yes, too much waste time, pick and use should be better

oh, another question. multiselection?

Multi selection is coming in v3

I have Pinegrow 2.9 I’m waiting for the new one. Yes probably Pinegrow is for prof.
but for quick simple works blocs is good as well …

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… even for more complex work blocs is good.
… if you spend more time to dive in to the possibilities of blocs.


Form Captcha.
Form asset upload (image files, etc).

I am testing pinegrow 2.95 now.
Amazing tool and has a lot features.
But there are also a lot of things they are not easy to understand.

Pinegrow has all you need i think. Use blocks and you will have a simple page…
Ok, sorry… i am not a pro, and i am not a coding guy.
The blocks option panel of bootstrap blocs has no value??? Confused!!
What is the brain behind this :slight_smile:


Pinegrow is good for some people, Blocsapp is good for some people, Blocsapp + Pinegrow is good for some people.

Personally, I use Blocsapp + tool X + tool Y + …

Blocsapp isn’t in competition with Pinegrow. Most people use several tools in their workflow.

I wish there was a lot less discussion around here about Pinegrow. Unless there’s some feature in Pinegrow that You’d like to see in Blocsapp.

We don’t need a Blosapp vs. Pinegrow discussion or indeed a comparison of the two tools.

Let’s leave Pinegrow discussion to the Pinegrow forum, perhaps?



Yes, im not into the whole “this vs that”. I’m more into “this + that = awesome workflow!”


I miss some things.

  • in css editor, position and z-index,
  • full path to the selected item: bloc > row > div > row > h2,
  • a much more accurate guide lines and selector,
  • color global swatches undo - redo
  • standard web font
  • plugins or blocs solution for devs, for simple shop, map, paypal, social etc.
    I like to use blocs :+1: :+1: :+1:


I thought I read somewhere that custom classes could be applied to elements on a platform size/visibility basis? Did I imagine that?
For example, I could have three custom classes - small, medium, large.
My bloc would have “small” applied when visible on mobile, “medium” when visible on tablet and “large” when visible on desktop.