Form Captcha or reCaptcha

It would be verry nice to be able to use a recaptcha functionality. I, and others, are receiving multiple spam message every day. Is there something coming soon? I would be very pleased. Is there a solution for the recaptcha or does somebody know how to use Google reCAPTCHA V3?

Nothing that works! Been waiting forever, starting building my sites with Oxygen until 4.0 comes out which is suppose to have a solution for this.

Hello I see an article today saying some companies are leaving google captcha as it will start to be a paid service, and they are moving to hcaptcha. So give it a try…

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Isn’t Oxygen a Word Press builder?

Thanks for the tip on Oxygen. I think that moving to Wordpress is the best solution instead of waiting for something to come. I need the captcha and want to be able to use it so if Blocs doesn’t support it I must be leaving blocs. I just paid for the convenience of Blocs so it’s a pitty. When is version 4 coming? Does anybody know? And will version 4 have this covered?