Form input id on live website is not reflecting blocs setting

Maybe this is a bug not sure -
I have labeled every form of input with a unique name over the id to represent customer selections. but when I receive the submissions still id show like original not following my changes.

Id name on blocs is changed and saved. but once its been uploaded to the website doest reflect the changes. Does anyone know how to fix it?

delete the ID and add the name again that must correct the problem, if you want to verify it! Just export the project and in the “includes” folder you can see the parameters! to confirm!

But removing and adding again works fine

Thank mate. So removing id for current ones and add is again should solve the issue, right?
Let me do it and I shall report here :slight_smile:

I just changed few ones after stock footage, I can see still old ones.

Now to be clear, when you said delete, mean just delete and re write?
or delete, save project, close it and then re write?


Hello @Norm I really need help here. what troubleshooting I have to follow on above problem?

The only thing I can think of is that you write a new “ID”, save your projects, close blocsapp.

Then open the project, delete the “ID” and add a new one!

I can’t replicate that problem !! but in theory just changing the ID should solve!

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