Form Issues Again

Got a call from a client who noticed their form doesn’t work correctly. The form says “Your message has been sent.” and no email comes through. I just tested my own form and I get the same message but no email. Both sites are hosted using Godaddy.

How do you have your forms setup. If they were working and are now not, that suggest a possible issue with GoDaddy.

Issues with GoDaddy is one of their consistencies. :grin:

GoDaddy uses SMTP emails, so your form needs to be configured accordingly, both in the forum and Blocsapp, as they now support this setup.

Could also be anything else, you know, issues with GoDaddy always, hahaha xD

Hi Pete,

Circling back on this. I got the form to work but had to use another email besides Gmail. I have the To: going to a Yahoo which is going to my junk mail folder. I have the From: using my info@ email. Do you have any info on why Gmail won’t work and how to avoid emails from the form going to junk mail?

Hi Nelo,

When you say configured, do you have a step by step method? A lot of my clients use Godaddy. Like my response to Pete, I got the form to work with replacing a Gmail email address with a Yahoo address but my emails go straignt to the junk folder.

My few experiences with clients using Godaddy have been painful. This was part of the reason I started to offer web hosting myself to sidestep these issues.

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"I always use SMTP with GoDaddy (although it can be a bit troublesome). I use the configuration that @Jerry added for us here; it’s easy to set up and shouldn’t cause conflicts with any type of email, whether it’s Gmail or a domain.

This is built in now @nelo . Using this method (SMPT) is far better, and less prone to being problematic. PHPMailer is basically the standard for form sending.

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Hi Pete,

If I use SMTP for the Post Type, that will fix the To: and From: issue and I can start using Google emails again?

Google Mail issues have been discussed several times here. You might want to do a quick search. Two-factor authentication might be a troublemaker here. That’s a Google issue and not a Bocs issue.

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Hi Jerry,
Yes. I just found your message in the form regarding this from the Github link. So I need to use the SMTP method when using Google? Ok, thanks.

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Hi @Jerry @Norm @PeteSharp ,

Having SMTP issues too, client moved to Outlook 365, my server IP is added to their SPF Record to help deliverability from website form. They were getting emails using Standard - Mail() but going into spam, their IT guys looked into it…

"I’ve been looking at this issue.

I believe because DKIM is setup on this email platform all emails that are received from the website are being marked as from an untrusted sender.

We would like to send the website emails through one of our SMTP servers as we can verify the sender and stop emails from going into the junk folder."

I update to SMTP using the supplied settings which didn’t work with any port setting supplied or recommend.

So I’ve done a test on my own website which I host my website/emails on my own dedicated server so I have total control, I created a new email account in Cpanel then used the SMTP settings, tried both 465 & 587 and nothing works, nothing happens when you click the button see demo page here: Contact Baa Baa Design Wrexham

Has anyone got Post Type SMTP working using Blocsapp? surely this shouldn’t be this hard.

Yes, it works here. Sending an email can now be triggy. 2-factor authorization, DKIM, SSL, certificates and so on.
But that has nothing to do with Blocs.

If something doesn’t work, there is usually a reason or a note in a log.
If you put the PHPMailer calls in a try catch block, the error message that pops up there is the starting point for the search.

try {



catch (Exception $e)
	$error = array("message" => 'Message could not be sent. Mailer Error: ' . $mail->ErrorInfo);

	header('Content-Type: application/json');
	echo json_encode($error);