Form not receiving to Gmail

I’m not receiving any form details to my email.

Even I created a sample test form.and uploaded to godaddy server. Yet not receiving any submit records.

Does any one know, how to fix this error?


Thanks in advance…

It might be seen as spoof email if the FQDN is different from the domain used as the sender.

Still not get any response… badly need to fix this

Gmail is probably seeing these as spam, because the email is coming from a generic gmail account. Try using your website URL as the “from” address, even if it doesn’t exist. ex

Another side note Re: gmail. I’ve seen w/ my own site that any attachment will often be seen as spam when gmail’s server’s receive it. So sending/receiving attachments will probably not be possible. Often the only solution is to send/receive attachments using a file service, like Dropbox that can create a link to file.


There’s no attachment here… just simple form; name, mobile, email and message…

Okay everyone, where is the solution to this?
I just setup a simple toggle from (Yes or No) added 2 emails ( & Note: the domain send instantly. :slight_smile: The never get to its destination.
Why? This is not a good thing. ;-(

Is there any issues with using Blocs SMTP with Gmail?

Is anyone aware of a How to setup the form using SMTP, whether in documentation or a video?

Also How would you make sure more than one email is used?