Form Not Working - GoDaddy

Hi, so I have set up my form and uploaded my website to my web hosting service, but I can not send or receive emails. When I submit my form, I get presented with the ‘success message’, but I do not receive any email. Here are the details:

So my web hosting service is GoDaddy Hosting.
The email I am using is the free Office 365 email that is included when buying the hosting.
In my form, both my ‘send’ and ‘receive’ email are the same email (I do not know if this is the problem)

Do any of you guys have any idea why this is happening?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

SOLVED :slight_smile:

Great … and how?

Well, when you upload your web files to the godaddy hosting it takes some time for the form to start working (I don’t know why, probably to connect the form code to the server(s)).

Then, I realised that it was going to the junk folder :joy:. I know im an idiot hahahaha.

We all make mistakes. Don’t worry.
Thanks for the explanation anyway.

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