Form script syntax error

Form script syntax error

Does anyone have experience with There the sending of the form does not work. Hostiso thinks that there is a syntax error (see screenshot line 7). For example I have included the form on this page (at the bottom of the page)

What surprises me: I have tested the site also on and everything works there without any problems. I also downloaded and tested this script ( with exactly the same result: It does not work on hostiso and on hosteurope it works without problems.

Does anybody have an idea?!

I am not a programmer, but this seems to be a syntax error. I had the script loaded here and it produced the output


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘=’, expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) or ‘{’ or ‘$’ in […][…] on line 7

This refers to line 7

$ = $_POST[''];

This refers to the form scripts in the “includes” folder

Does anyone have any idea what you can do?

@Norm ?

comparing that to one I just created it looks light of some detail:
name_10975 = _POST[‘name_10975’];
email_10975 = _POST[‘email_10975’];
message_10975 = _POST[‘message_10975’];
optin_10975 = _POST[‘optin_10975’];
Have you tried removing and re-adding the form?

Thanks @MartinC I just created a new project with only one form. It works and looks like yours. Apparently something went wrong with the other project. I think that I have to replace all forms again. Thanks for your quick answer

greetings, Hermann

Excellent, glad it worked

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