Form Text Class?

Hey guys,i have an issue with the text in a form field. i can’t change the text colour.

this is blocs:

this is online:

Hello @RME what text are you referring, the Dropdown menu or the inside text?

You can see on the pictures that the text should be black inside the field. Online, it is white

Earlier i gave a class and change the colours. It doesn’t work with 3.2.2

@Norm Is this a bug or do you have a solution for me?

I have a solution, just let me get to my laptop…
Can you send me your bloc? Or if you want I send you a Bloc working.

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@Pealco that would be great. could you tell me the class for the text color?

Hello @RME

You have to add the folowing code to your page settings:

.form-control::-webkit-input-placeholder { 
	color: red; 
	}  /* WebKit, Blink, Edge */
.form-control:-moz-placeholder { 
	color: red;
	opacity: 1; 
	}  /* Mozilla Firefox 4 to 18 */
.form-control::-moz-placeholder {
	color: red; 
	}  /* Mozilla Firefox 19+ */
.form-control:-ms-input-placeholder {
	color: red; 
	}  /* Internet Explorer 10-11 */
.form-control::-ms-input-placeholder {
	color: red; 
	}  /* Microsoft Edge */

In the exported site you will find a Bootstrap or Bootstrap.min css files, and you have this items:
So this is general, and you can change it manually, but with the code above, you can override this items.


Thanks :+1:
Do you know, why is this so complicated?

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I don’t know but I think that @Norm is upgrading the form Bric if you remember there is no confirmation message, now we have, probably @Norm in a near future could implement this…
And did that work for you?

Thanks Pealco! :pray:

I was looking for this too.

Can I also change the font (size/type) too?