Former Sandvox user says 'Hello'!

19 year ago I did my first website in HTML. Incorporated an online forum for a gaming community, moved to a local hosted Perl forum when the bubble burst and switched to php forums when Perl became very slow. It is so long ago I cannot even remember the names from the software. Eventually I used Simple Machine Forums for a long until running a database was not needed anymore and kinda of a drag.

So, Sandvox as nice and clean HTML5 editor and I lived happily ever after for about a year or 4. It seems Karelia does not actively support Sandvox anymore and to be honest, Sandvox has limitations that conflict with vision and how websites should look today.

In my quest for a new editor I did several trials and in the end Blocs was also recommended by the person that developed the stylesheet I bought.

I have been using Blocs for a week now and without going into too much detail Blocs delivers, despite some quirks that makes the learning curve a bit steeper then expected. Looking forward to all the developments that will come our way. I do hope to have Blocs around for a long time.


Welcome :pray:

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