Forms creation still far from perfect :-(


Today I tried a form creation feature in Blocs 2.6.4. Still far from perfect … :frowning: It’s so sad … Blocs 3 is coming and the form generation in ver. 3 are still not enough polished. W3C validation for single page with title bar, footer and form, gives results as below:

… greetings! :no_mouth:

They are just custom data attribute warnings, not errors really. I would take the W3C validation with a pinch of salt. You won’t run a single website in that thing that will pass 100% unless it’s a page with text only and absolute plain html like super vanilla.


Yeah. Yesterday i tried to validate a website created with Wordpress - just for fun. 59 warnings and errors … :wink:

Anyway -

  • /includes/(name_of_form).php/“You have received a new message.”
  • “Not a valid email address”

Those 2 messages are still not translatable. Maybe there are other strings too. Boys do something with it, please. :slight_smile: Do it before the atom war comes. :wink: Those small “glitches” ruins the overall impression about the app. :slight_smile: