Forms does not accept Greek language

Hello again, i created successfully a form and it is working fine.

The problem is when the values are in English language i can receive a email including them.
When the values are in Greek language i receive also a email but with blanks.

Any suggestion?

@Apranet I have many websites made with Blocs for Greek customers, and no problem here, I just made a test with the latest blocs version 2.4.4 and it works fine. I remember in the past of blocs there where some problems, but not now anymore.
try to make a basic form and give it a test.

@sandy first of all thank you for ur answer. I did a basic form as you said. The problem consist. For your information except the message also the name or surname etc values are in Greek language.

strange, because with me it works great, i changed it with only greek letters for you

its not a blocs problem

and the result is this

Problem solved… Forms working just fine… The problem was the mail program (Microsoft Outlook 2007).
I do not know what to do with outlook, it is irrelevant with this community.

Great, nice that you share the solution of your problem.

ps: Microsoft site says: Office 2007 is now retired.

Hi @sandy it seems you are Greek! I’m Greek too, γειά!
I want to find solutions for the blocs forms, for now, my clients want to have messages in greek for their site. They want to change “this is required” with “υποχρεωτικό πεδίο”. Do you know where to find it so that I can change it?

THNX in advance.

Kalimera, @dsam this is not a standart option in blocs because Blocs use to validate the webform with a javascript file called jqBootstrapValidation.js
If you know what you are doing you could edit this file after export with an editor, and then search for the line “this is required” and replace it by “υποχρεωτικό πεδίο”.
this works see sreenshot ( i just made it for you) BUT, there is a big BUT, every time you export your project, blocs will override your file, so beware if you want to do it, I stoped doing it because I often forgot to update the file…

Obviously, @sandy I don’t know what I am doing, I’m a graphic designer and I know nothing about coding. As I can see, I just searched for jqBootstrapValidation.js, it is something like the forms we can make in MailChimp, isn’t it?
I am planning to make them a MailChimp account so they can collect information of their form. But as I can see there are also other ways (except MailChimp) to collect information…
Can I use just the provided blocs form, just to collect the provided information by email?

:smiley: funnn @dsam , then dont start “messing arround” in .JS files things can get corrupt very easy and it stops working correct ( that was my intension to say: if you know what your doing :smiley: )

Just forget then the standart form of blocs and copy the form script from MailChimp in a html bloc :smiley:
From that moment on you have nothing to do with the standart form of blocs or the validator file, you use it from MailChimp ( don’t know if you can adjust the form of MailChimp in Greek…)

I know that @sandy and I really don’t try things that I cannot understand! :grinning:
I believe that in MailChimp I can use translation.
Thanks a lot!

yesss , just checked it for you, also greek language is supported, good luck!

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@Sandy Can’t you modify the .js file and then protect it to be overwritten? (Write protect)?
Or does that .js modify every time you export your project with other settings as well (so you always needs the latest version?)

@Norm, Can you answer this?

@MNL Blocs always export the complet project, so the .JS will be always the one Blocs exports. If you edit the file and put it on your server, then you can write protect it, so every time you upload your project to your server, the validation javascript file will not be updates and YOURS will stay on your server :smiley: so your are able to have instead of “This is required” the dutch version with: “Verplichte velden”

@sandy haha thanks. I wrote “invoer verplicht” :slight_smile:
But if this .js file doesn’t change, why did you stopped using this method (modify and write protect the .js file)? It’s very easy to check if you use the right .js file in your uploaded website. Just don’t fill in any text in your form and press “send” button.

@mnl yeah I could do that as well, but with many projects, and testing sites I always forgot the tweaked files :smiley:, now I try to make only 100% blocs projects ( the export version of blocs to the server) I remember with Blocs version 1.3 (WAY back in 2015) there where not so many options in Blocs as now, at that point I changed a lot, but thats almost not necessary anymore ( except the the localization of the validation of forms)
I believe @norm choose this validation script, because its simple and stable :smiley: maybe the localization is an option for the future ( nice idea is when you choose in your page settings your language that also the validation of forms results in that language, with an own blocs-custome-NL.js file)
we only need to chance: This is required, Must be a number, Not a valid email address…

Even better just having those options in the “Form bric settings”, like we now can adjust the messages when we send the form. @norm ?

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