Forms not working with configured smtp

I am absolutely new to some aspects of Blocs, and I just got into a situation where I have to add a “form” bric (information enquiry).
I’ve configured the emails and added a smtp server but nothing happens after testing it on my web hosting provider.
I have to add that I know notjing about code.
Can anyone please help, in a easy way (if there’s one) how to sort this out.
and thanks in advance.

When you try the form, you get an error message?
At your webhost, can you check error log?
(Might have to be php log, and not regular httpd log.)
For the current setup, you have to use port 587, I think (STARTTLS is hardcoded/preselected, if I recall correctly), so check with you webhost that outbound traffic on that port it not blocked …