Forms - One Question at a time

Very interesting way to fill out Forms. I like it! Clean and simple.

Is Blocs 3.x capable of doing some thing like this or is adding Code necessary?

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Hi @KBConcepts ,

This was creating with
You can build any type of form using their form builder and embed it into Blocs project with a simple Code widget bric. It’s a paid service, but they do have a free plan I think.


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Thanks Eldar, for responding. I am aware it is from TypeForm, but I was wondering if this could be done inside of Blocs. :slight_smile: I could not find a free plan.

You can find the info on their pricing page:

It says free plan right up top. Also there is some information of what’s included

What features can I use for free?

You get these features on our free plan:

  • 3 typeforms
  • 10 questions per typeform
  • 100 responses per month
  • Templates
  • Reports and metrics
  • Email notification when someone completes your typeform
  • Embed your typeform in a web page
  • Download your data

I missed that. LOL It was smaller print than the paid plans.
Anyway, can this be done inside of Blocs with using 3rd Apps or Services?


As above,

I use type form for one of my websites; the free plan. But indeed, it would be great to have it inside Blocs, with more design options…

I use Google Forms and although it is not as clean as Typeforms, it can get you out of a problem at any time. It is very easy to use, just a code widget.

See an example here:

This form is very extensive, but you can ask a single question per page and link them together

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I was going to say Google Forms - I have only ever used it once for something not website related but it was so simple to use and great for capturing data and forms for something I was doing.

It looks simple to embed too - that would 100% be my tool of choice.

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