Forms suddenly going to "undefined" page

I just updated my BLOCS to the most recent update this morning and made a few small changes to my website. Although I didn’t make any changes to them, I thought I’d also test my forms (which were working perfectly last night) and now they do not come up with the “success” message, a page “” comes up.

The form data does arrive in my email as intended, but I can’t figure out why ALL my forms now suddenly go to a non-existent page. As I said before, I have not made any changes to my forms but I have re-uploaded my entire website today.

In fact, after checking on other browsers, it seems that this is the case on Safari (on my macbook) but the forms DO WORK as expected on Chrome (on the same MacBook) and Microsoft Edge on my Windows PC.

Any help would be appreciated.

Is this a Blocs v2 migrated project?

No, it is completely new in V3

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Could you send me a copy of the project here at the forum please. I’ll take a look.

Hi @Norm,

The file is 15MB in size and will not let me upload or send as part of a DM to you.

This problem seems to have gone away. It is very odd, it wasn’t my MacBook as I tried another one and it wasn’t my internet as I used my home and work internet (both BT though). However it seems to be working properly now.

One more question, I may have to ask in a new thread (I can’t see the answer anywhere), how do I delete a bloc that I have saved to the library?