Free Blocs Website Visitor Tracking Software

Hi everyone, hope you and your family are having a great Christmas. I’ve just launched a new service which is like google analytics but simpler and doesn’t track users. Meaning that you can do away with your cookie consent bar which plague’s your users screens. And it’s free so give it a try.

Go take a look on product hunt here

Any questions let me know, Cheers

Hi Scott,

This sounds great !! thank you.

Long time no see - if you get the time, could you get back to a few people on here who bought some of your brics and they didn’t work, if you could take a look at fixing the bric or assisting them if they didn’t get a refund from their side.

Maybe in the new year chat to @Norm on getting updated brics from you in the store.

Your website does not include any information which data off the visitor is stored on your webserver.


Yes. Pretty light on details. How does this work?

Also you state free while in beta on product hunt but your website says donation?

Hi everybody!
I found a cheap privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics.
It cannot collect as much data as GA or Matomo, but it is sufficient for most purposes.
I installed it a week ago, it´s working great.
And you can integrate the customers’ websites into your own account, which is great for customer loyalty.
The two guys from Estonia, who run the tool, are personable and offer very good support.
Have a look:


That looks really good. I’ve never been keen on google analytics or statcounter due to their inherent bloat, and currently use Cloudflare stats; but I think this maybe a new contender :+1:

Strangely enough I’ve just found another alternative that may be OK. Free up to 10,000 views a month.


Bit low on the information about the company. I didn’t even find an imprint. Hm, not sure about that one…

Perhaps. It was just mentioned in a newsletter I received earlier and not something I have tried. There is definitely demand though for analytics that don’t cause headaches with GDPR etc.

I think we are going to see a flood of start ups for this.

Anything that helps us avoid google is a good thing really …


We’re really liking plausible on nice and light load but still informative and have tied it into our google search console. May opt to self host on a subdomain at some stage.

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