Free bric: CSS Percentage Circles


Hi @Norm, I’ve cobbled together a simple custom bric. I’m not sure if this is the proper way to distribute the file. Do I need to .zip the custom bric directory as well?

It uses the .css I downloaded from the project listed above. The css was taken as is. The color schemes, sizes etc., are all taken from the project. I’m choosing not to extend or change the css at this point.

PercentageCircle.bex (66.8 KB)


Q. Why only three colors?
A. That’s what the project is based on I won’t be adding color additional schemes.

Q. Can I choose my own colors?
A. No the project would need to be extended to add this. there are no plans to do so at this time.

Q. What does Dark mode do?
A. It forces a color scheme that’s suitable for dark backgrounds.

Q. Why do the styles/themes seem limited?
A. The styles for the original download are limited as well and I’ve chosen not to extend them at this time.

I can’t promise much in terms of support, but I’ll try to answer questions.

Animated ChartsTutuapp
Where can I learn about bric editor / builder

This is great! I’m going to check it out later!


Hi @Whittfield, thank you for this bric. Did you build it in Blocs2? It’s working for me in V2 but not in V3.


That’s strange it works for me in Blocs 3. Did you install it in version 3? I believe these bex files are installing to Blocs 2 unless you you change the default to Blocs 3.


Thanks for your reply. What you say is true, it’s installing in Blocs2 by default. I manually copied the bric to Blocs3 but it didn’t show up there.
How to change the default for import to V3? Any advice is welcome.


Locate a bex file in the finder and select it. Now press cmd + i to bring up the info panel. Choose to open the file with Blocs 3 and then change all.


Hi @Flashman, thanks a lot. This works fine now :grinning:.


You’re very welcome @Juerg. This bric was made using Blocs 3 if that helps anyone. Glad to see people found this useful!