Free Mac Security Tools

Hello all,

I just want to share with you some apps I use to protect my Mac, and they are all free, as I’m installing my Mac from “zero” I go by all this apps and remember to share.

Lulu, Do Not Disturb and Oversight are the ones I like more.

Hope it helps you…


Thank you for the link, @Pealco.

After viewing that website, I am now extremely curious as to the affiliation (or lack thereof) between “Objective-See” (the website you linked to) and “Objective Development” (makers of Little Snitch). Not only are some products drop-dead similar, but the company names are nearly the same! If there is no affiliation, then I am rather surprised there has been no legal battles between these two organizations, “open source” or not.

I’ve been a Little Snitch user for about as long as Little Snitch has existed. I never tried Micro Snitch though, so your link to that freebie site has me curious if I should install some of those Objective-See apps, especially since they appear to be free. There are some that support only MacOS 10.15 though, and since I am still on 10.13, I won’t be trying those.

Anyway, thank you for the information.

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I also use Little Snitch and have for several years now along side Kaspersky Internet Security. Doo you think that it would be overkill to be adding more. Those you mention sound good but just wondering. I am currently running Catalina 10.15.7 (still holding off on upgrading to Slur). Thank you for the heads up though.

Hello @Mitaka and @JDW with this tools I use Sophos:

Is very good, takes care of viruses, malware, ransomware, privacy invasions, and have website control as well.

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Why do you use Objective-See & Sophos together?

I never used any of these tools on any of my macs and never got any problems. I still do believe that the best protection sits in front of the computer, but I might be wrong.

Where’s the benefit of using such software? I do know (not use) little snitch though, which - as far as I remember - prevents apps from phoning home and sending date the user might not want.

Sophos inspect my emails…

I’ve never used any security Software since I switched from windows to macOS. Never had any Problems.