Free SEO tools


Here are some functional free tools that I´m using for search engine optimization. Maybe they are useful for you, too:

And don´t forget the Open Graph-Markup:


Don’t forget
The Keywords Meta Tag is deprecated …not useful at all.
The Title tag
Description tag
Alt Tag
Tools tips to some degree don’t hurt.
Keywords in your url
Page title and description
Images file named with your keywords. Not too many keywords
On page Title for example use h1 at top of the page for your page title.
Captions with keyword close to images…
Optimize images. Use large images as much as possible. Google likes big images.
Use Webmaster tools and analytics to see what’s going on.
Write good content…Grammatically correct…avoid misspelled words.
In bound links but less so now unless they are very high quality reputable sites.
Anchor links.

There is a lot…
The formulas change constantly but these don’t …not that they won’t…:grinning:


Best SEO free tools:


Recently came to know of Keyword Everywhere great tools for finding keywords


Google changed the length of the meta description:

Now just 2 lines are visible. 163 characters on desktop, 130 mobile


My favorite is Google AdWords but this website is also cool