Free test of your site from Google

Folks, I followed this offer from Google to have my site tested for mobile friendliness etc.

Yes, I do have a Gmail account and no I’m not trying to solicit anything from anyone on behalf of Alphabet or Google. I just thought it might be helpful for users to see where your strong points are as well as where you might need help on your web site.

It’s like Nibbler.

Anywho, try it out. The findings may surprise you.


I read the forum everyday, Try to follow instructions to make a website, just used this I might as well just bloody give up.

I tried this and it’s a slight step backwards on what Google offered before. For example I tested one site that scored 99% for mobile compatibility because I hadn’t sized some of the tap points correctly according to Google. Previously they would have told me exactly where the problem was, but not now!

Thanks for sharing, very interesting.



I have to say, I find it odd that this is your first post. Especially given the URL used is linking to a site with a campaign link. Which then just simply pulls and uses data from Googles PageSpeed Insights. Then requires the user to send an email to get the Freely available PageSpeed Insights detailed results. However if a user does not accept the option for occasional emails and only wants details, the submission form can’t even be submitted. Thus it seems more like spam and email harvesting to me. Plus when its all said and done its just a pretty wrapper for Googles PageSpeed Insights and offers no additional benefits, in fact less.


Any potential user gains more benefit from just using Googles PageSpeed Insights directly and freely.

Thank you “Blocs_User” for the info. I didn’t realize there was a more direct way to gather that info. I am but a lowly end-user. My goal was to help. Sorry you had to look down your nose at the likes of me. I guess this forum is for more established web designers.

:unamused: I was not looking down my nose at anyone, sorry if you felt that way. But based upon the findings and facts that I stated above, it just seemed rather peculiar and unneeded as a wrapper for the real thing via using Google directly. If you are not directly affiliated with the site then I apologize. It just seemed like an odd first post, again given the things I referenced above. Sorry if I made you feel unwelcome, not the case at all. Welcome to the forum and the Blocs community.

I was merely directing users to the original correct service from Google, which freely exceeds the one you linked to.