Freez on saving

on a regular basis I get a freez on the save command… Am I the only one?

Hi All

No, I’ve had that happen lots in Blocs 3 after beta 2

You are not the only one happened to me a fair bit yesterday with BETA 3, has not happened yet with BETA 4!


As this issue is not resolved or addressed yet could you @Norm please have a look into that?

I am getting frustrated with the loss of time, states of design and files I see all gone while the app freezes while saving. I deleted all blocs versions with “appcleaner”, reinstalled B3 again, got all the brix back in, … the issue remains. At that point I am really loosing it with blocs – and I am a fan …

APPENDIX: as for now I cannot save my last files at all …

I currently have 1 bug report regarding this issue. Did you file this bug report?

If it was wide spread, an issue like this would blow up the forum and my emails so it’s very likely that it’s caused by a very specific cause.

If you haven’t filled a bug report post one and I’ll follow up with questions etc via that as there may be a lot to cover to get to the bottom.

Hi and Thank you. No it wasn’t me. I switched the tools as I couldn’t work on the project due to this issue. So if I work on smthn again in Blocs and the SAVE-issue occur, I will report that as you ask.

No worries :+1:

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