Fresh meat

Hello, everyone!

This is my first post, so I would like to introduce myself.

I come from the RapidWeaver community and—like all or most of former rapidweavers—I was once a huge fan of that app, but got completely frustrated and disillusioned by the way things were going gradually down the drain for the last couple of years.

I’ve heard of Blocs for quite some time, but I’ve never had enough motivation to look outside of RW ecosystem—until version 8 of RW, which I consider a total failure in many areas. And so, I decided that it’s time for me to find some other tool.

I am a retiree. I was never a professional website builder. Mainly, I create content for (and develop) a members-only, multi-lingual, photo-galleries-rich, articles-rich, genealogical family portal for my relatives living in at least 4 countries (Canada, Germany, Poland, USA). Other than that, I sometimes create or help creating an occasional website for friends. So, naturally, I will start my Blocs experience with an attempt to rebuild my main website.

Oh, in case anybody wonders what the heck FlexitarianFixie is – that is just a random excerpt from ‘Lorem ipsum’…

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Welcome @FlexitarianFixie :pray:

I’m certain you will see some familiar faces here. I hope your experience with Blocs is a positive one. We have a great community here and Im sure they will be happy to help when they can.

Im the creator of Blocs, I do my best to pop in when I can.


@FlexitarianFixie Believe me, you are not the first and you won’t be the last disillusioned RW user making their way over to Blocs, including myself. It’s just beyond me how I can be working on a beefed up Mac Pro and waiting 20+ seconds just to preview a page, then the same again if I switch device size. Their “major upgrades” have become increasingly disappointing and I decided to skip RW8 this time.

Blocs is certainly not perfect, but it’s headed in a far better direction and isn’t an endless money pit where you end up paying for every small feature through 3rd party developers. Some of those stacks are becoming silly money.


Thank you, Norm. I’ve heard about you and I’ve read some of your posts. I think I will be pretty happy here. I will lurk for a while to get the general feeling…


That’s what is important to me as well. I’m pretty sure that Blocs has a much brighter future than RW.

I don’t doubt they’d like to do more with RW, but have a sense their underlying code base or perhaps their reliance on the stacks plugin is flawed. There really hasn’t been that much change in several years now.

Not to mention their poor business judgements…

Welcome, lot’s of positive help here. If you get stuck just ask and someone will help.

If you want to jump start your learning check out Eldars post and videos. Lot’s of free stuff on his YouTube channel also.



Welcome @FlexitarianFixie to Blocs. :grinning:
Even though I’ve been dabbling in building websites since 1991, I really have not made it a business. I love hands-on learning Blocs was a perfect fit. You will meet so many friend and colleagues here. Everyone wants to help. The Blocs forum is great!


Welcome to the Blocs Community!

If you will ever need any help, I will be happy to do my best to help.



Thank you all, guys, for a warm welcome and willingness to help. I’m sure I will need all the help I can gather.

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