From Muse. Blocs? Quality image gallery/Light box?

That’s one of the things I love about Blocs. It’s very easy to build a site without code, but flexible enough to expand with custom coding or adding scripts etc.

Yes, and because of this those who do code (at varying degrees of expertise) and elect to provide guidance to those who do not code, at times speak favorably about Blocs and its freedom and unlimited abilities, but in ways that is not useful for those who do not code.

Blocs is best understood as a professional tool for website designers, who may or may not have coding skill, and a professional tool with sufficient ease of use for individuals who wish to build their own personal website and are willing to learn the fundamentals of how the tool was intended to be used.

Please take a look here.
Maybe it suits your needs.


That is probably the reason why there is so different opinions on what you can do with Blocs.

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Thanks! Many interesting albums, but none that suits me. So far. But if there would be, could I put that on my Blocs site?

Yes you can.
jAlbum generates a code. You can put that code in a code widget in Blocs.

Thank you!

I was also a Muse user, for some time, and what I always experienced when using it was I got extremely tired in the head, editing “breakpoints”, resizing etc etc and that tiredness seems to have disappeared when starting using Blocs, can’t explain it more appropriate than that…

Well, I would love to get rid of that tiredness too. That is a nuisance with Muse.

What has been your experience so far?

I am drudging my way through tutorials and texts and it still seems like Blocs is the way to go for me and that Blocs is a very good application. I still think that the ways of learning it aren’t as good as I am used to. I haven’t found a Photo Gallery that suits me yet, but I haven’t been looking that hard lately.

Let us know about your progress, pls. I have my web site made by Muse few years back without an update (was not needing it for a while), but now I need to re-do it and move to Blocs (I guess its the best option there yet not needing subscription). Are there any other apps you are exploring as a possible Muse replacement? I am also photographer and creative director and would like to include not just a photo libraries but also video previews (with Vimeo)links. Unfortunately anything photo related takes ages to load up from what I can see. If its quick you do see bad compression and artefacts - which I assume is a user error when exporting for web use.

Hello, I don’t know if you know about this script. I use it and even in weddings I make the guests upload their mobile photos to a specific album, with privileges or public access… it is very nice…

Maybe the galleries developed for Volt CMS 1.2 are interesting for you?

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I think that Blocs is the way to go. I haven’t started to use it for real yet. Just the trial version as I was going through the education material. I have gone through it now. It has taken lots of time, but I am more sure now that Blocs is what I need. I found a Photo Gallery that suits me. The Masonry Gallery which you can turn in to a Lightbox gallery with interactions.
I am not exploring any other Muse alternatives att the moment but I have looked in to many during the last 1,5 years. I haven’t found any one as interesting as Blocs and this is the way I am gonna go. Hope it fulfils my requirements. The ones I have looked in to the most, as I remember, are Webflow (but it is subscription) and Sparkle. Webflow was too expensive and no application (in browser) and Sparkle was too simple and not as good responsiveness as I understood.
I haven’t seen any problems with loading times, but then I haven’t looked at that many Blocs sites. As far as I understand by reading through a lot of text, Blocs should render better code and load faster than Muse-sites.

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Looks interesting. thanks!

Yes, its very nice.

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If you want to check more websites built with Blocs, check this page. I have been collecting the Blocs website examples from regular Blocs users for a few years, and now, I’m putting them all together on my new Blocs Master website.

I still have about 80-90 websites I need to check, which I will add to this page in coming days.



I’m using Blocs for about three years now and it suits me well. Although I miss often the possibility to change something ‘on the fly’ as is possible in Muse and the great number of usefull widgets for specific tasks. Therefore I bought also Nicepage (webdesign 3.0) that offers more intuitive freedom for me as a designer and noncoder. But it depends also of what kind of site you are creating. Every program has its own strength, Blocs is also very fast which is a great advantage when you are on a tight schedule…

Hi @Bootsie
Have you used jAlbum.
It looks very nice, as long as it’s not too complex for a simple soul to implement.
I think jquery is on its way out (assuming by its name it’s jquery based).