From Muse. Blocs? Quality image gallery/Light box?

Looks interesting. thanks!

Yes, its very nice.

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If you want to check more websites built with Blocs, check this page. I have been collecting the Blocs website examples from regular Blocs users for a few years, and now, I’m putting them all together on my new Blocs Master website.

I still have about 80-90 websites I need to check, which I will add to this page in coming days.


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I’m using Blocs for about three years now and it suits me well. Although I miss often the possibility to change something ‘on the fly’ as is possible in Muse and the great number of usefull widgets for specific tasks. Therefore I bought also Nicepage (webdesign 3.0) that offers more intuitive freedom for me as a designer and noncoder. But it depends also of what kind of site you are creating. Every program has its own strength, Blocs is also very fast which is a great advantage when you are on a tight schedule…